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The Seven Year Bitch

The Seven Year Bitch is meant to validate women in the minor irritations that they may feel from day to day in their journey through marriage while at the same time, bringing a renewed appreciation of their partner. 

Mar 30, 2019

When you first get married, it seems like our husbands hang on every word we say. Cherish this time ladies! It won't last forever. Hearing loss is bound to arise. Remember what he does hear when you are tempted to gripe about what he doesn't hear.  

Mar 23, 2019

Is your husband stuck? Does he tell the same story over and over again? If he tells that story one more time, you are going to scream! But what if he stopped? Be proud of your husband even if you have to listen to the same stories 86 times. Who cares. Let it go.

Mar 16, 2019

When we are first married, husbands take great care in the words they choose to say. After a few years, they become comfortable and oops - sometimes say things that they immediately regret. At those times, how can we let it go and remember to focus on the positive things they've said instead - the things we would never...

Mar 9, 2019

When you were first married, it was easy to be on time. Now... not so much. Now... you get yourself ready, the kids ready, and even help your husband get ready. Ladies, ask for help!!!!!!!!

Mar 2, 2019

After being married for a few years, it seems as if there is absolutely no time for any fun. At least for the ladies. The husbands always find time to do some playing while we are busily trying finish "to do" lists. Ugghh! Ladies, start playing! Don't you want to be part of those "fun" memories, too?